Joining Contests

To join Tofu Heroes contests, players must achieve a minimum level of 30 with a registered MOS Account.

Joining an individual contest will require spending of MOS Coins or MOS Gems. The costs are not fixed and will vary from weekly contests. The exact costs to join a contest will be announced periodically in advance of the contest dates on the news page of the MOS Studio website and on our Facebook page.

The costs of joining a guild contest will be a fixed amount. After a Guild is assembled, the Guild Leader can join the contest officially by paying this fixed amount that will be deducted accordingly from the Guild funds. Accumulation of Guild funds is dependent on the Guild Leader’s discretion (donations from Guild members or requirement set by Guild Leader).

To create a guild, the player (Guild Leader) must not be in any existing guild, and pay a fee of 10,000 MOS Coins with a registered MOS account. MOS Coins can be acquired by completing levels and earning them in-game OR purchasing the MOS Coins in-app purchase.

Guest accounts used to participate in contests must be bound to a registered MOS account in order to qualify to win any cash prizes. Guest accounts that are not bound will automatically void their cash prize after 5 working days.

Players who seek refunds for in-app purchases after making use of purchased resources within a contest may be subjected to disqualification at the discretion of Mos Studio.